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Scary scam making way around the Tri-State

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A new scam is scaring local moms and dads out of thousands of dollars because the caller tells parents that he's kidnapped their children.

One Warrick County family sent 14 News a message saying when they got a call they could hear a woman screaming in the background making it sound like a real kidnapping.

According to a police report, the caller said he had kidnapped their daughter and was going to kill her while giving the family gruesome details. 

Officers say the caller told the family to save her, they had to go to the closest CVS and wire him money right away.

That's what this family did, according to a Facebook message to 14 News. They are now out $1,500.

Captain Andy Chandler says these scammers can be convincing, but he says this is a new one.

"I can't predict how anybody would react if they were getting the news that their child was being tortured, that would shake anybody to the core, but I think you wisely said it, stay calm, stay rational, try to get as much information from this," said Chandler.

We're told if this happens to you, ask the caller specifics, more information will help police and let you gauge if this call is real.

Chandler says that most of these scammers are asking for money to be sent to a different country, so that's a big red flag to look out for. And if you get a call like this, always call the police.

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