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Health care a top concern for many Evansville city employees

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Some Evansville city employees say there's a big problem with their health care coverage. 

Right now, employees can't schedule elective surgeries on Fridays and stay overnight in the hospital into the weekend.

We're learning this wording has been in the city's health insurance plan since at least 1993.

Executive Director of Administrative Services George Fithian says having a self-funding health care plan by the city is common within cities similar to Evansville's size.

He says originally this part of the plan prevented people from being admitted to the hospital on a Friday to have a procedure that was scheduled for Monday.

Fithian says this wasn't an efficient use of healthcare dollars. However he says this has not been an issue in the past, and this piece of language may have outlived its purpose. Now it could be taken out altogether.

"It's still in the plan, that practice I think really has gone by the wayside, it may have outlived its usefulness, it certainly doesn't operate to refuse anybody the healthcare that they need," said Fithian.

We're told you can still go to the doctor if you have an emergency over the weekend. 

Fithian says this part of the plan could be taken out in the future.

He says they are currently doing a review of the plan document and taking this out will be considered. That could happen as early as next year.

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