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Indiana voters can now get their say in early for the 2016 election


Early voters in Indiana hit the polls bright and early on Wednesday morning for the opening day of early voting.

Vanderburgh county voters were already lined up before voting even started at 8 AM.

We caught up with everyone from the very first voter, Jan Hermann.

"I think this one was really important," says Hermann. "We always vote but I think that this one was more important than normal."

And a first-time voter, Abigail Fleming, who was here on fall break to get her vote in before heading back to school.

"I'm really glad it's the first election, at least presidential that I'm voting for because I feel like it's really important, especially people of my generation to get out there and vote because we can actually make a difference because there's a lot of us," says Fleming. "So it's really important that we get out to vote whether it's through absentee or early voting or actually voting on November 8th."

And a voter, Johnny Kincaid, who was actually on the ballot. He tells us that it wasn't only humbling to see his name there, but that his enthusiasm for the process has never died.

"There's am excitement that come with voting even when you do it early," says Kincaid. "I remember the first election I voted in back in 1976 and I was so pumped up and excited about it and I haven't lost that enthusiasm for the process we go through to elect officials here in America."

He also tells us that even if you are torn on who to vote for as our next president, there are still a lot of other important positions on the ballot that need your votes. All voters we spoke with stressed how they want to encourage everyone to come out here and cast your vote.

Early voting is already underway in Illinois, it started September 29.  

Kentucky is not an early vote state but absentee voting begins October 21.

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