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Drivers, business owners react to delays from I-69 project construction


The patching work that started this week on Interstate 69 is slowing down traffic, especially during the morning and evening rush.

Derrick Mays operates Newburgh Automotive near the Covert Avenue Interchange with I-69.

"It will affect commuting and business as well, being right off the highway, I do get business from people stopping in here and there which will hinder the flow," said Mays.

INDOT officials said construction starts at the I-69/41 interchange and will work its way north to I-64. The bridge at Pollack Avenue will be getting a pavement overlay. The rest will be concrete patching on the travel lanes.

What does this mean for you? During the project, there will be lane closures. One lane will always be open but expect delays. Mays said it's not just businesses or drivers passing through out of town, that will be affected.

"There are a lot of neighborhoods, people live right here, a lot of people use it for work to cut over the Lloyd to use it for anything during their day."

Drivers we spoke with suggest finding alternate routes before heading out.

"People are used to the same routine, they're used to going the same path all the time, to have to try to make a new route every day for the next few months will be a hassle," said Evansville driver Brenda Ryan. "We'll have to plan our times better to go to work, it'll take longer to get home."

There is another restriction, loads over 12 feet will have to find another way around.

The work is expected to last into December. 

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