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Henderson victim shows surveillance camera from home after string of car break-ins


Henderson Police are searching for thief caught on camera breaking into several cars. 

The suspect was caught on surveillance video from one of the victim's home, Mitchell Corpe. Corpe said sometime early Monday, someone tried to break into his locked Cadillac, then broke into his girlfriend's unlocked vehicle and stole about $500 worth of stuff.

Corpe said he just wants this person found.

"I'm just lucky that I had surveillance camera to catch the footage," said victim Mitchell Corpe. "My friend Chad lives on the same street that I do, his girlfriend's car got broken into the same night and I'm sure other people did as well. Hopefully people will actually stay out of the neighborhood and this will stop people from stealing from people that work pretty hard for their stuff."

If anyone has information that could lead to an arrest, call the police.

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