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Deer collision season is here


New numbers show one local county is number two in Kentucky for deer-related crashes. 

Half of all deer collisions occur in the last three months of the year. Drivers are advised to be on the lookout for deer on the move. 

"Farmers are out harvesting so a lot of the food sources are going away, a lot of the cover for the deer is going away, you have people out doing hiking, you have hunters out moving around and then of course you have mating season," says Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's, Keith Todd. "The deer pretty much go wild during mating season."

This can bring them to a lot of urban areas where they might not normally travel. In 2015, Hopkins county had 139 collisions involving deer. That ranks second in the state.

"If you're out driving this time of year, you have to use extra caution," says Todd.

And if you don't, it could cost you. You may already know it is recommended for you to slow down, steer straight and just hit the deer if you can't stop your vehicle. It could save your life and your money.

"The comprehensive is usually lower for hitting a deer than the surcharge if you swerve to miss a deer and hit a ditch or hit a tree," says Rudd Insurance Partner, Tim Quinn, "that's called collision, and it's going to fall under your collision deductible and typically your surcharge is higher."

And if you don't use extra caution during these next few months, that cost, could be you life. 

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