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City council amends budget, cuts funding to nonprofits


After weeks of debates and protests, the Evansville City Council has approved the 2017 budget.

The council spent several hours Monday night making additional cuts. As we first reported Friday, city employees will not be seeing a pay increase next year except for police and fireman who are under a collective bargaining agreement.  

We're told this amendment to the budget will reduce the original increase in health insurance costs for city employees. 

Nonprofit organizations, with the exception of Bridgelink and United Neighborhoods of Evansville, will see a hit in funding. The City council voted 5-4 to reduce funding by 50%.

The penguin exhibit project at the zoo was saved from the chopping block.

A motion to amend the budget and scrap the project failed 8-1.

The next agenda item was to cut the design in half to save thousands of dollars. That was also voted down by the city council.

“They're great tourist magnets and they're great tourist draws. So I believe we should do whatever we can to increase our zoo make it better and get some of these tourist dollars that are going to Memphis and Indianapolis,” said Dan McGinn.

Property taxes will be going up. The council voted 6-3 in favor of reducing the Homestead  tax credit.

We're told this means someone with a home assessed at $100,000 will be pay around $20 more a year in property taxes.

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