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Evansville non-profits may lose funding


More cuts may be on the way for Evansville non-profits.

City officials say their funding through the city may be cut in half in the 2017 budget. Non-profits like The Evansville African American museum already had to adjust to a cut in 2016.

Museum officials say this would hurt events that they schedule every year to recruit members. These programs allow  them to show off what the the main attraction of the museum is, the Lincoln Clarke Douglas Alumni room.

They say this comes at a bad time. This is in the middle of their plan to build a new walking trail.

The city funding is only a portion of their budget, but other museums in town are also likely to take a hit, so they'll have to collaborate with each other to stay afloat. 

"Money that we spent this year, may have to be carried over to next year instead of having the increase like we normally do with the city funding," said Museum Executive Director Lu Porter. "Everybody's gonna be affected by this and that's the sad part, because this is livelihood, people want to come to an organization or a city where they can have their livelihood here and if this is done, I don't know how they're going to draw clientele to come to Evansville if they don't have a place to attend." 

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