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Evansville's massive Blight elimination project moving forward


Evansville City officials went before the Board of Public Works Thursday to ask for approval to advertise bids to demolish another thirteen blighted homes.

It's all part of a nearly $2.5 million dollar grant for the project, awarded by Indiana's Housing and Community Development Authority.
We're told these homes should be knocked down within the next 30 days.

"We've been able to achieve a lot of savings because the way we do our bids, we've been able to say it hasn't cost that much for us to
demolish those houses. In that total savings we've submitted to the State, we're able to include an additional 22 to 30 properties on top of that 113," says Director of Metropolitan Development, Kelley Coores.

We're told by the end of this year, through the state and the land bank, more than 200 homes will be demolished.

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