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Orphanage started by Evansville church damaged in Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew damages orphanage Hurricane Matthew damages orphanage

More than 40 years ago, Evansville's Cathedral Church started an orphanage and school in Haiti. Monday, strong winds from Hurricane Matthew damaged the orphanage and several buildings on the property.

Haiti Christian Orphanage Director Jasper Cineus said he's glad it's over. He said the staff and 16 orphans were shaken, but alive.  After the storm, they started assessing the damage and were shocked by what they saw. 

Hurricane Matthew peeled back the orphanage roof, and ripped the roof off the church. It also damaged several other buildings. Cineus said flood water drowned nearby livestock, destroyed homes, and washed away a bridge. 

"Our prayers right now are the rain stops," Cinueus said. "It's going to be very difficult with our boys here."

In Evansville, the community and the Cathedral Church congregation have already raised around four thousand dollars to help repair the orphanage's roof. 

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