Getting A Grip On New Pill Bottle

Reporter: Shannon Sampson

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

Research shows some 60 percent of older adults take their prescriptions improperly.

Pharmacies are trying to help customers avoid the incorrect dosage and medication by introducing some innovations in medication containers.

Containers of medication have not been revolutionized since the introduction of the child-proof cap. Customers have been using the same type of bottle for keeping their medication secure, but it has met with dissapproval over the years.

Complaints include the type on the bottle being too small, and the layout of information is confusing to users.

Pharmacist Kris Kleiman never thought she'd be using a different kind of prescription bottle to dispense medication.

But a graphic designer in New York created a new container for the medication that Kleinman adopted almost immediately. Within nine months the pharmacists was using the bottle.

The bottle has a flat design that allows for bigger text and is more manageable to hold. It uses colored rings to indicate their owner and proper user.

Liquid medication has a leak resistant stopper and a measuring syringe.

Kleinman says, "That allows you to put this syringe in, since it's fitted for that and you can actually draw the exact dose that you need of the medication, turn it back over and administer it directly to the child."

Drug information can be kept behid the primary label on the bottle.