Taking a Stand: Fall Festival

Taking a Stand: Fall Festival

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - Next week the West Side Nut Club will host the 95th Annual Fall Festival on Franklin Street in Evansville. Few events around the country have the tradition that our festival has.

There are more than 130 food booths that are operated by local non-profits, schools, and churches.  Thousands of people will visit Historic Franklin Street next week and that's good news not only the non-profits but for Evansville as well.

According to a story, we did last year, it's a nice economic boost as hotels and gas stations will also see a spike.

Each year the Evansville Police, Fire and Sheriff Departments do a terrific job with security and this year will be no different.  We're told that we should see an increase in their presence this year.

Ultimately, all the credit should go the Nut Clubbers.  What they've done for our community can never be re-paid. We've been told that since 1921, over 5.3 million dollars has been raised to support non-profits and organizations here in the Tri-State.

So if you go next week and you see a nut clubber, they are the ones in straw hats take a few minutes and thank them for what they're doing.  Putting this festival together each year is no easy task.

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