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Icemen deadline a week away


We are now just a week away from finding out if Icemen Owner Ron Geary will buy the Sportscenter and move his team to Owensboro. Tonight, we're learning city leaders haven't had any recent discussions with Geary. If the Icemen decide not to come to Owensboro, a project to renovate the Sportscenter could begin as early as next month.
As we first reported last month, the city and Spectra, the company that already manages the Owensboro Convention Center have put together a plan to invest 160 thousand dollars on a Sportscenter renovation project. 

Tonight, we have new details on the rehab. The city and Spectra's main focus is revamping the concession stand by offering more selection, fresh foods, and new foods. Other areas of focus are the restrooms, front lobby, and team area. We're told there haven't been any recent talk with Icemen Owner Ron Geary. If he does decide to buy the Sportscenter before the September 30th, deadline, the deal with Spectra will be voided and the Icemen will renovate it.

We’re told that there is a possibility that the Icemen could ask the city commission for an extension. One city official tells me if they do, it's not likely the city commission will grant it.  We reached out to Geary for comment this evening and have not heard back.

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