Madisonville North Hopkins HS takes first place in Sunrise School Spirit

Madisonville North Hopkins HS takes first place in Sunrise School Spirit

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - Madisonville North Hopkins High School is the new all-time Sunrise School Spirit leader.

The Maroons collected 36,266 pounds of food and drinks for the Tri-State Food Bank.

Before the morning pep rally, teachers helped direct a steady stream of cars as hundreds of students arrived.

Once inside, they received glow sticks. At the start of the pep rally, the lights were turned off.

"When I looked back, everything was glowing, so that was cool," said Madisonville North Hopkins High School junior Ashlyn Fair.

Students stayed pumped up with tug of war, a hula hoop contest and lip sync dance battles. The band, cheerleaders and dance team helped maintain high energy in the school gym as well.

At the end of the morning, Principal Tommy Ransom got a surprise pie in the face during a live interview.

As for the food being donated, the Maroons spent about two weeks collecting it.

"When we first started, there wasn't a whole lot, and then we just all started working together and bringing everything together," Fair said.

"It blew my mind. I was so surprised. It was really special. It's really cool," junior Beck Nolen added about the amount of food and the "energy bus" display students and staff created.

Ashlyn Fair explained the "energy bus" concept.

"We talk about the energy bus, and you have to be positive throughout your day. You have to jump on the energy bus to make your day and other people's day brighter," she said.

Every school in the district contributed to Sunrise School Spirit, including Madisonville North's rival, Hopkins Central. The Madisonville police and fire departments donated, too, along with several local businesses.

"It's definitely a lot bigger than us. Because there's people in need, they really need it, and it's really good that everybody shows support," Nolen said.

"Just thinking of how everybody came together and was able to to pitch in and eventually make somebody's life even better, that matters a lot to me, and I think it matters a lot to everybody else in this school," said junior Trenton Hardesty.

Madisonville North Hopkins is followed on the leaderboard by Northeast Dubois and North Posey.

You can vote for your favorite food display at

On Friday, September 30, 2016, Sunrise School Spirit will be live at Mt. Carmel High School from 6-7am.

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