Dozens of Henderson Co. residents find stolen Trump yard signs in ditch

Dozens of Henderson Co. residents find stolen Trump yard signs in ditch

HENDERSON CO., KY (WFIE) - Many people feel strongly one way or the other about both presidential candidates. Some in Henderson County may have taken it too far.

Dozens of people said their Donald Trump signs have been snatched right from their yards.

"I put one in my yard," said Ron Watson. "I put one on top of my camper up high because they've been telling me they've been disappearing. I took the third one down and put it at the intersection of our neighborhood on 41. The first one lasted 3 days then disappeared, I put the second one up it lasted one day and disappeared."

After hearing for weeks that Trump signs had been stolen in the community, homeowner Keith Ray stumbled upon several Trump signs in a ditch while driving on Upper Delaware Road in Niagra, and now he's making sure they get back to their rightful owners.

"It's pretty sad that people think that stealing signs will change our votes," said Keith Ray. "Instead of stealing signs, they should use their energy and focus on getting out and talking to people about joining their cause or registering to vote themselves."

A homeowner said he's now worried about showing his support for a candidate in any shape, or form. He said he's now fearing just putting a bumper sticker on his car.

"They're afraid to put up signs because they're nervous that they'll become a target, they're afraid to put something on their vehicle because they're worried someone will bother their car," said Chuck Banken. "You ought to be able to express your own opinion, I don't care what party you belong to, I want everyone to express their own opinion."

Henderson Sheriff's deputies said stealing candidate signs is a cite able offense.

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