Minister of Offense Castle Football Dayne Keller

Minister of Offense Castle Football Dayne Keller

NEWBURGH, IN (WFIE) - Castle High School is known to be strong when it comes to playing on the gridiron and one reason for that is a three-year starter under center: a senior who has quarterback talent in his genes and has worked extremely hard to find success.

Dayne Keller, also known as Mr. Football, is a three-year starter at Castle High School. But his domination under center was not something that came without obstacles.

"His sophomore year against Reitz he threw five interceptions and his sophomore year against Mater Dei he threw seven, so we put up 12 interceptions at the Bowl," said Castle Head Coach Doug Hurt. "I remember having my arm around his shoulder saying hey one day you'll look back and laugh at this. You're going to grow from it. You're going to have to get some thick skin, and you're going to have to listen to criticism and that is all apart of being a quarterback and being a big-time quarterback and he has constantly worked to improve and mature and he really has become a fine, fine player for us."

Keller has used those mistake to learn from and grow. He has a football IQ that is out of this world and his ability to remain calm in the pocket is something that makes him very special.

"He is a pocket passer, he moves in the pocket, he keeps his eyes down field he knows and understands what it takes to play the position," said Coach Hurt. "He has a lot of composure and a lot of grit to him."

Being the minister of the offense for the Knights runs in the Keller Family. Dayne's father was once in those coveted shoes and has provided many resources to help his son find success.

"When I was really, really young he gave me a few tips here and there but then he would get me off to camps, quarterback coaches, and gurus so I developed from there and he was my supporter for the most part," said Keller.

Keller is known for being one heck of a quarterback, but he is also someone who gives back to his community and never has forgotten what it was like to be the little fan in the stands looking up to those who came before him.

"I actually got a towel from one of them and it was the coolest thing it was like God gave me a towel so I just remember being them and started that tradition with every game giving out my stuff and I see them light up and they have so much fun with it and I know they look up to us so I'm just trying to give back to them," said Keller.

As Keller continues in his final season for the Knights, he has his eyes on the college lines and his mind open.

"Where ever the chips fall that's where I will go, I'm just taking it in stride, I just want to play at the next level where ever that is," said Keller

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