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Drunk driver crashes into mobile home & knocks sleeping homeowner out of bed


A Jasper man has been released from jail after authorities say he slammed into a home while driving drunk.

26-year-old Matthew Lichlyter is charged with driving with a blood alcohol level of point one or more. The crash happened shortly after midnight Thursday near State road 545 and 4th street. 

Police say Matthew Lichlyter left behind a big mess.
He sailed through an intersection at State Road 545, jumping a small ditch and ramming into a mobile home on Agnes Street in the town of Dubois. 

Neighbor, Nathan Merkley was a few blocks away and heard the commotion.

"What it sounded like was a Tri-State live haul trailer. It has cages for all the turkeys. It sounded like it hit a very large bump and rattled all the cages."

But it wasn't just a bump. Sgt. Stewart Wilson with the Dubois County Sheriff's Office says Lichlyter told officers that he did not remember what had happened and may have fallen asleep when approaching the stop.

Someone else was sleeping, too. The homeowner. The truck hit the home so hard it knocked the man who lives there out of bed.

Sergeant Wilson says everyone inside is doing OK, but the home is a total loss. 

As for Lichlyter, he was he was booked into the Dubois County Security Center for Operating While Intoxicated and also cited for disregarding a stop sign. 

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