Collis Strike: A New Hope

Reporter: Kennan Oliphant

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

UPDATE: Union workers at Collis Incorporated voted down a new contract offer from the company.

A few employees hit the picket lines just after midnight Sunday morning at Collis. The business manufactures shelving for several customers, including the Evansville Whirlpool plant.

The strike affected 168 employees.

Collis is based out of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Sunday afternoon, employees began voting on a second offer from the company.

Previous, 10PM: Dozens of local plant workers plan to hit the picket-line.

Newswatch has discovered information about an impending employee strike Saturday evening, which will affect 168 employees at Collis Incorporated on Evansville's North side.

Collis manufactures refrigerator shelves for another Evansville business, Whirlpool.

Earlier Saturday, union workers voted not to accept the company's latest contract offer.

Union representatives, would not discuss the terms of the contract offer.

Workers plan to strike at 12:01 a.m., Sunday morning. Collis officials could not be reached for comment.