Evansville neighborhood hit with crime spree, authorities arrest two people

Evansville neighborhood hit with crime spree, authorities arrest two people

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Homeowners in one Evansville neighborhood are fed up with car break-ins and thousands of dollars in damage.

But now two people are behind bars.

Authorities arrested 37-year-old Kinze Morris early Friday morning and charged him with criminal mischief and theft.

Homeowners in the Lincolnshire neighborhood, just two miles from the University of Evansville, say they've never had crime issues in their area.

But over the past several weeks, cars have been broken into, damaged, items have been stolen, and even homes have been damaged.

One homeowner called Lawman Security, a private business in Evansville specializing in providing off-duty law enforcement for specialized security details.

An off-duty officer with Lawman was on patrol when another call came out of a car break-in early Friday morning.

The officer located Morris, a few blocks away, and he matched the description of the person in question.

The officer found several stolen items in Morris' possession and was able to return those items to their rightful owners.

On August 14th, Evansville Police arrested another man, 20-year-old Gerald Robinson, for criminal mischief and theft in the same neighborhood.

One homeowner held Robinson at gun point until officers arrived.

Authorities believe Robinson and Morris are responsible for the crime issues happening in the area.

Chris Mills lives in the area, and knows how unnerving it feels to constantly be watching over your back.

" I never thought this would happen in this neighborhood.  We specifically installed cameras for this reason.  And through social media, and neighbors watching out for neighbors, we were able to give valuable information to the authorities.  Maybe this will stop now," says Mills.

A representative with Lawman Security company had this to say," The Evansville Police Department and Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office do a great job keeping the community safe.  Taking every crime seriously.  Unfortunately, law enforcement can't be everywhere at once.  That's why Lawman Security was created.  We employ off-duty police officers and guaranteed presence in neighborhoods, schools, and work places."

Both Kinze Morris and Gerald Robinson are still in the Vanderburgh County Jail and listed with no bond.

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