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Kenergy members bills expect to increase this fall


In western Kentucky, Kenergy members can expect to see their bill increase by as much as 20 percent in October. We’re told the average bill right now is around $138.80. By the end of the year, that bill will climb to $162.71.

Back in 2014, the Kentucky Public Service Commission adjusted the revenues and rates of Big Rivers when Century Aluminum's Sebree smelter stopped buying electricity from the power company. In the ruling, the public service commission allowed Big Rivers to use reserve funds to pay the cost of the increase that was being passed onto Kenergy members. Almost three years later, those reserve funds that are being credited to member's bills is drying up. Starting in October, members will now feel the impact of the 2014 rate increase. “It's lasted longer than we thought it might because it was built on use. If members would have used more electricity than it would not have lasted long. we're just pleased that that rate increase has been offset that entire time and has saved our members millions of dollars,” said Renee Beasley Jones.

Kenergy officials tell us now is the time to conserve energy to keep your bill low if you haven’t already. For more information you can check out this link from the Kenergy website.

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