One month in, a recap of Aleah Beckerle's investigation from day one

One month in, a recap of Aleah Beckerle's investigation from day one

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Today marks one month since Aleah Beckerle disappeared from her East Iowa Street home.
There's been many twists and turns since then. We take you back to day one of the investigation.

"Who could do this?  That's why it's just so unbelievable," Aleah's Grandmother, Lydia LaRue told us on July 18 when she first sat down with 14 News.
"We just...this is a nightmare...a living nightmare," said LaRue. "Someone came into this house, right here in Evansville Indiana.  And took her out of her bed in the middle of the night with my daughter sleeping on the couch which isn't even 15 feet away."

On Sunday, July 17, Aleah's family told police Aleah was taken without her wheelchair and daily medication. Investigators were at a total standstill.
"We don't have any leads," EPD's Captain Andy Chandler told 14 News on July 18. "We don't have any reason to believe that there's multiple people involved."
On July 19, volunteers gathered to search. Aleah's mom, Cara Beckerle, was not present.

A day later, Cara showed up to help. "Nobody could be so sick! And take her and just abandon her just because of--a feeling that they're feeling towards whoever," Cara told us that day.

Later that day on July 19,  EPD gets an anonymous tip Aleah is inside a burned structure blocks away from her home. K-9's find no traces of Aleah.

10 days in,  Aleah's grandmother told us how Cara is coping.

"She has a deep deep feeling.  And so do I," said Lydia LaRue on July 27. "That  Aleah is going to be returned to us."

Days later on August 4, Cara takes 14 News inside her home, showing us where things unfolded.
 "This is her room right here," pointed Cara. "That's her wheelchair. I was sleepin' right here."

Cara told us that night where she believed Aleah might be. "I thought Henderson, Kentucky.  And I still feel Kentucky.  But, I'm not sure, anymore.  I thought she would be home already."

On that same night we spoke with the family at their home, authorities made an arrest in connection to the case. Debra Wollner is accused of beating a man to make a false confession after a video leaked to police.
Wollner is the girlfriend of Aleah's cousin, Donna Robertson, who had constantly been by Cara and the family's side. Robertson also was a familiar face in leading volunteer searches.

The next day on August 5, we caught Donna Robertson making an appearance at Debra Wollner's court arraignment. Robertson was shocked.
"This is just-totally-blew me out the water," she told us that day.

During Wollner's arraignment, a tip leads detectives and Cadaver dogs to search apartments in Henderson. Crews wouldn't reveal to us what they found.

On August 12, police arrest Donna Robertson in aiding Debra Wollner with the false confession video.

Then on Wednesday, August 17, news breaks that Wollner attempted suicide in jail.

EPD told 14 News on Wednesday investigators are filtering through numerous calls and tips on social media. Despite the arrests and rumors, volunteers continue to plan weekend searches for Aleah.

Those wanting to volunteer should meet at Garvin and Iowa Street at St. Joseph Catholic School's parking lot every Saturday and Sunday morning at 9. Search organizers say you must be 18 or older, wear proper clothing, and bring a photo I.D.

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