Aleah Beckerle investigation moves forward after Texas Equusearch exit meeting

Aleah Beckerle investigation moves forward after Texas Equusearch exit meeting

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - After an extensive search over the weekend, an Evansville Police task force is asking for new tips that could help them solve Aleah Beckerle's mysterious disappearance.

It's been more than two weeks since 19-year-old Aleah Beckerle went missing from her Evansville home. A national team wrapped up its weekend search and reported to the Evansville Police Department on Monday.

EPD's Sgt. Jason Cullum tells 14 News the search group shared every detail they could with this investigation's task force.
Texas Equusearch's Dave Rader said over the phone on Monday over 70 volunteers helped in the search over the weekend, but, of course, were unsuccessful in finding Aleah.

Sgt. Cullum says the task force is made up of sheriff deputies, officers, and FBI agents working to filter through every piece of information.

"There is a very group effort involved in this," said Cullum. "This is a disappearance that we don't see in Evansville on a regular basis. Just about all of the officers involved this is the first time they've seen a case like this where someone has gone missing-is truly missing-and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance are really a mystery."

Dave Rader wants to make it clear that Texas Equusearch will continue to stay up to date on this case. Rader noted that there is a possibility that the group could come back to Evansville and conduct another search.

Aleah's family told 14 News on Monday despite how sick they feel, they're not giving up hope, and will continue to pray for closure and a safe recovery for their loved one.

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