Texas Equusearch call off efforts to find missing Evansville woman

Texas Equusearch call off efforts to find missing Evansville woman

INDIANA (WFIE) - It has been two weeks since Aleah Beckerle went missing from her home in Evansville.

We learned that Texas Equusearch teams have now called off their efforts.

They will not be searching again unless they are needed.

On Monday, they will meet with police to hand off maps and any information they have.

David Rader, director of the Ohio Chapter, told 14 News they threw in every resource they could.

On Saturday, paragliders took to the air to look for Aleah. Volunteers went out in Kayaks and ATVs to cover more ground.

There was still no sign of her.

Rader's strategy involved starting from the place Beckerle was last seen and searching isolated areas.

That's what teams did on Sunday, but numbers were down.

Rader says they are in constant communication with police, but right now, there isn't much direction in the investigation.

Despite that, he's not giving up hope. He says his goal is to teach people how to effectively search so others can continue to look for Beckerle when they leave.

"What I'm afraid of is that once we leave town, this is going to go by the wayside, and that's the way it always does, usually at the two-week point," Rader said.

Rader told 14 News that he and his team will meet with the police chief and lead detective to re-evaluate their efforts.

He says if there is a break in the case, or if they're needed again, they will come back.?

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