10 days since Aleah's disappearance has the family running on hope

10 days since Aleah's disappearance has the family running on hope

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Running on hope, that is what the family of an Evansville missing teen is doing, now 10 days after her disappearance.

19-year old Aleah Beckerle disappeared from her home on East Iowa on July 17th. She is dependent on family care and daily medication.

The family says their home is cold and empty since they woke up July 17th and did not find Aleah. Now, her grandmother tells us, she's trying to be this family's backbone.

Time is ticking slowly for Aleah's family.

"A minute seems like a day," said Lydia LaRue, grandmother of Aleah.

The family says it is a desperate feeling not knowing where to look or who may have taken her.
"I really am frantic inside. Everybody I see on the street, I'm looking at em," LaRue said. "I'm wondering, are they somebody that's passing by that may know somebody or have her and they're just watching us and getting off on it, I don't know."

Aleah's mom Cara declined to go on camera, but the family tells us, they have given police all the information they have.

And they say, it's excruciating to wait for a break in the case.

"And, any minute now, we just have that feeling that she's gonna be she's coming home and she's going to be with us again," said LaRue.

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