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Police pleading for answers; investigation into missing woman creeps past week one

Aleah Beckerle.  (WFIE) Aleah Beckerle. (WFIE)

Evansville Police is pleading for anyone with valuable information about 19-year-old Aleah Beckerle's disappearance to come forward.

Captain Andy Chandler relayed his frustrations to us as we creep into day eight of the investigation.

Aleah is completely dependent on others for round-the-clock care. There is no way she could have walked off and disappeared, according to authorities.

Evansville Police is overwhelmed with tips, filtering through what is credible and what is not.

Everyone working the case is frustrated because, according to them, someone knows exactly where Aleah is and who took her, but no one has the courage and conviction to stand up and speak.

When we asked if there were any signs of forced entry to the home, EPD said they will not comment on what evidence they found.

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