Search crews from across the country look for missing Evansville girl

Search crews from across the country look for missing Evansville girl

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Search and rescue crews from across the country traveled to Evansville on Saturday, to search for missing Tri-State girl 19-year-old Aleah Beckerle.

Family, friends, volunteers and strangers gathered together to look on Day six, and now crews from the Kentucky Bloodhounds Search and Rescue, and the Texas Equu Search group have jumped right in.

"I feed her a lot, I change her, I do a lot with her, it brings us closer, I can tell she knows who I am," said Aleah's sister Carly Roach.

Aleah Beckerle hasn't been seen since around 9 p.m. Saturday, July 16th. Police say she's in grave danger because she requires constant attention for medical needs.

Now, a search and rescue group, armed with K-9's from Hardin County, Kentucky are here in full force.

"I feel like we're going to find her more because of the dogs, I've been wanting this to happen since the first day we found out she was gone, so it really means a lot," Roach said.

Coming all the way from Cincinnati, volunteers from the Ohio Chapter of the Texas EquuSearch organization are joining the search efforts too.

Search Coordinator Linda Bommer said her crew specializes in big groups covering a lot of areas.

"We will look to see, today and tomorrow, what we have and what areas we need to cover," said Search Coordinator with Texas EquuSearch, Linda Bommer. "We'll see what's going to be our best bet as far as bringing in outside resources such as drones or side-scan sonar, otherwise, it'll be pretty much foot searching."

Family members and friends, when taking a break from searching, were drawing up and posting fliers and posters, hoping to catch the eye of anyone who may have a tip.

"We're Facebooking it, we got Aleah's page, we're trying everything we can, going door to door and to businesses, everything we can to bring her home," said Adeline Chinn, a friend of the family. "It's awesome to get our whole community together and to work together as one."

Family and search crews say they're in need of more volunteers. If you'd like to pitch in, meet at St. Joseph Catholic Church on Iowa Street at 9 a.m. on Sunday.

Search crews ask all searchers to bring a photo ID, must be 18-years-old and dressed ready to search through any elements. You can donate under Aleah's name at Old National Bank.

If you have a tip, call the police.

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