2 women arrested after video showing child abuse goes viral

2 women arrested after video showing child abuse goes viral

UNION CO., KY (WFIE) - WARNING: Before you the watch video, it is very disturbing and may not be suitable for everyone.

A Union County foster mother and daughter are in jail on child abuse charges.

Deputies say the abuse was all caught on a cell phone camera.

This is an exclusive video of the suspects, Marsha Gray, 41-years-old and Suzanna Gray, 24-years-old of Sturgis being taken to jail.

Deputies were alerted to the cell phone video on Monday. The video shows what appears to be a small child being abused by two women.

This is the cell phone video posted online that deputies say show two women abusing a special needs child. In the video, deputies say Suzanna is covering the eyes of a special needs child that her mother is fostering. The person who posted the video on Facebook says the child is afraid of having her eyes covered.

The little girl appears to be panicking, struggling, and trying to get away.

Deputies say Marsha Gray later appears in the video and tries to slap at the child. Deputies say Marsha was arrested at her home Wednesday afternoon and Suzanna turned herself in.

Deputies tell us Marsha has been fostering the child for years. It's not known what led up the video and deputies declined to comment on why Suzzanna was holding the girl down.

"We appreciate Citizen's concerns. At the same time, we have a job to do," said Deputy Jason Thomas, Union County Sheriff's Office. "The flood of calls can slow us down a bit. We appreciate the intent. We're glad there is a concern for child abuse such as this."

Deputies say the child was not physically injured and right now, she has been taken by social services.

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