Damage reports flood in from all over Evansville after severe storm

Damage reports flood in from all over Evansville following severe storm

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Following a Thursday afternoon thunderstorm, damage reports started rolling in from all over Evansville.

Tree limbs snapped, trees uprooted, structures damaged all over the city.

Bill Poole, who lives on Illinois Street, had a large tree uprooted and laying on his roof following the storm.

"All I heard was a crack, and it was so loud, so much rain," explains Poole.

Vernette Weis was outside with her dog on Evansville's west side when the storm blew through Thursday afternoon.

"I rushed inside, looked out the window, and a bolt of lightning hit the tree.  Then I heard a crack," explains Weis.

Immediately after the storm, Vectren tweeted that 22,531 customers were out of power encompassing 15 circuits.

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