ROMP Behind the Scenes

ROMP Behind the Scenes

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - There's a lot that goes into making ROMP Fest possible. Hours before the big event, crews scamper around making sure every light and microphone is working.

Meanwhile, band members cool off before the big debut. 23 Strings Band was first to take the main stage. This local band says they were glad to be back on a familiar stage.

"I'm especially excited to be playing here at romp, because this is my hometown," band member Dave Howard said, "I grew up in Owensboro. I live in Louisville now but its always a treat to come back and see so many family and friends."

ROMP was the first time the band played in front of a big crowd. That makes this a special event for them.

"I love ROMP, it's one of my favorite festivals, because there's always a good crowd here, always great bands to watch. I enjoy hanging out. I enjoy performing on stage," band member Chris Shouse says. "I love the campus here. It's a very beautiful park, Yellow Creek Park in the beautiful Owensboro Kentucky."

They've got quite a few fans that show up, but sometimes the fans don't see what goes on behind the scenes.

"Trying to get some warming up, some tomfoolery, some clownery, some tequila shots perhaps, Hydration is always important," Howard says.

Many fans gathered around the stage as the band performed. The festival goes through Saturday.

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