Guilty pleas for suspects charged in Eastland Mall purse snatching case

Guilty pleas for suspects in Eastland Mall purse snatching case

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Guilty pleas for two women police say were involved in a purse snatching which led to shots fired at Eastland Mall, back in September.

Brittany Deener and Morgan Blair were arrested after the wild series of events.

The surveillance video from inside and outside the mall property was obtained exclusively by 14 NEWS.

The video shows Blair and Deneer swiping purses in the food court, then running out to the parking lot.

Good Samaritans chased the suspects out the front doors.

Deener and Blair jumped in their car, dragging a victim to the ground.

A man, using his legally registered weapon, ran up and fired shots into the dashboard of the car.

Police say the man told him he was worried about Deener potentially running over people.

According to the prosecutor on the case, Deener pled guilty to a list of charges including robbery with bodily injury.

She turned down a deal for an 8-year sentence, and a judge will decide her fate on June 2nd.

The other person charged, Morgan Blair, pled guilty to robbery and was sentenced to six years.

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