Muhlenberg Co. student to graduate from college before high school

Muhlenberg Co. student to graduate from college before high school

MUHLENBERG CO., KY (WFIE) - A Tri-State student is about to graduate from college, before he even graduates high school.

"My freshmen year I took my first AP college level course, Human Geography. I got 3 credit hours," said Muhlenberg County High School senior, Chandler Johnson.

Fast forward to now. Johnson is a high school senior with already 69 credit hours from Madisonville Community College. That is enough for him to graduate this Friday and receive his Associate in Science Degree. But, it'll still be a few weeks before Johnson will walk across the stage and earn his high school degree.

How does he do it? Johnson said the workload actually isn't too strenuous, thanks to online classes at MCC, and dual credit courses and the CLEP program.

"I've taken some here, that are taught by teachers certified to teach those college level classes: my engineering courses, history courses, that kind of thing."

14 NEWS asked Chandler: sounds like you perfectly emulate the popular saying "work smarter not harder?"

"I do like to use that saying a lot, it really does fit me very well because I really like getting out at 12:00, it really frees me up and online classes have given me the ability to do that and it really cuts down on the 'senioritis' of high school."

Another cool part of this story, his grandmother went to MCC, and he was there at her graduation. Now, she will be there, joining his.

"She graduated with an Associates in Human Sciences, I attended that graduation and so did her father and her son and her grandson. That was really cool for her and now she'll be attending my graduation Friday night."

He is Lexington bound now. Chandler got a full ride to the University of Kentucky, where he will study Biochemistry this fall. After that, he plans to be off to Med school.

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