Gibson County church donates $2,500 to local schools

Gibson County church donates $2,500 to local schools

GIBSON CO., IN (WFIE) - A Gibson County church donated $2,500 to pay off students' delinquent lunch balances.

Several families of South Gibson students were given a gift they never expected: generosity. The Vertical church reached out to pay off unpaid lunch balances - in full.

Superintendent, Stacey Humbaugh- "To have an unexpected bill paid off, i don't think many of us realize how unbelievable that can be for a family."

It didn't matter if that bill was $5 or $100 overdue.The Parishioners of Vertical Church in Fort Branch had it covered.

Superintendent, Stacey Humbaugh said she got a call from Pastor Steve Akins. 
His church- adopting a program called "The Dollar Difference".

Every month, parishioners are asked to donate one dollar, per member of their family.
They use that money to help someone- anyone who might need a helping hand.

Pastor Steve Akins- "How much do you guys owe? She gave us a figure, about $2,500 and i said, okay, we just want to pay it off then."

The idea, modeled after a similar one by a church in Nashville. The Vertical Church started the program earlier this year.

Steve- "It really is just random acts of kindess. It's just a small way. This money isn't going to change anyone's life for a long time, for eternity or whatever. It's gonna make a difference in a moment."

Stacey- "For us, it's a huge help. It's a help for parents. We have a lot of hardworking families and when you have young children, there's just a lot of money that goes out all the time."

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