Evansville man accused of making, distributing synthetic marijuana

Evansville man accused of making, distributing synthetic marijuana

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Some suspicious neighbors alert police of odd activities surrounding an Evansville home which leads to a drug arrest.

William Scott, 27, of Evansville is facing dealing and maintaining a nuisance charges. Scott is believed to have been making and distributing synthetic marijuana out of his home according to police.

It's the old adage see something, say something. That's what neighbors around the house in the 300 block of Maxwell Road started doing. and then, according to reports, police uncovered elements of a synthetic marijuana distributor.

Children's toys and play-sets sit out on the front porch resembling a typical home. Inside one of the walls of the home, police found a gun and a bag which tested positive for synthetic weed.

After police entered the residence they made their way to the basement of the home. In the basement they found scales, which could handle large amount of weight, and two gallons of acetone. All elements of manufacturing, selling, and distributing synthetic weed, according to police. Paperwork on the home shows it belongs to Scott.

Checking on court records Scott does have several open cases to his name, mainly misdemeanor charges. Scott will be in court on April 5.

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