Taking a Stand: Positive stories in the community

Taking a Stand: Positive stories in the community

(WFIE) - This week we told the story of two local children who raised money for an Evansville man who makes hundreds smile each day.

Kayla Ridley and Bryce Johnson spent two days of their spring break running a lemonade stand to raise money for Billy Stewart, known to many here in Evansville as the "Flag Man."

Mr. Stewart spends hours along Riverside drive in Evansville each day waving the American Flag hoping to inspire and bring some patriotism to the many who pass by each day.   This inspired Kayla and Bryce to do something to show their appreciation.  They raised $65 with their lemonade stand and gave it to Mr. Stewart.  We are told that the money will be used to buy more flags and help pay for some bills.

I applaud the efforts of Kayla and Bryce.  It also reminds me that stories like these are all around the Tri-State and telling them is a joy.  If you didn't get to see the story, you can click here.

I would like your feedback on these types of stories.  Would you like to see more of them?  Do you have any that you would like to share with us?  Please use the contact information that you see on the screen at the end of this segment or you can give us feedback through our social medial platforms.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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