Ohio Co. Sheriff's Office upgrades handguns

Ohio Co. Sheriff's Office upgrades handguns

OHIO CO., KY (WFIE) - Over the last year, there have been several officer involved shootings in Kentucky.

Because of that, the Ohio County Sheriff's Office is upgrading the weapons for deputies.

Sheriff Tracy Beatty says it's time for a switch. He says the Glock 40 handgun that deputies have been carrying for years has fired a lot of practice rounds and needs to be upgraded.

A representative from Glock recently visited the Ohio County Sheriff's Office and demonstrated several guns to determine which pistol would be the best fit for deputies. Sheriff Beatty says after test firing several weapons, his office has chosen the Glock 45 caliber handgun.

Sheriff Beatty says the pistol is more powerful and will better protect deputies and citizens.

"It doesn't have much recoil. Anytime you fire or discharge a weapon, that recoil makes a difference in where your bullet or where your ammunition winds up," Sheriff Beatty said.

Beatty says the upgrade will cost the sheriff's office about $10,000 and deputies were able to buy their old handguns from the department.

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