Police investigating after graphic messages spray painted on Mt. Carmel home

Police investigating after graphic messages spray painted on Mt. Carmel home

CARMI, IL (WFIE) - A search is underway for the vandals who spray painted graphic messages on two cars and a home in Wabash County.

It all happened late Easter Sunday night on West 4th Street in Mt. Carmel.

Nestled in a small town is quiet, West 4th Street. But, it wasn't, on Easter.

"I was very surprised, and then I began to think about some of the previous things that have happened, and unfortunately today we are so used to hearing these kinds of things happening in other areas, then when it happens right next door, it is alarming," said a neighbor who wants to be anonymous.

The numbers "666", several sexually explicit messages, and a swastika. These were spray painted in black all over the entire front of the home, and on two cars parked along the side. Authorities believe the suspects also scratched the cars with a sharp object and blacked out some windows. Police say they also slashed the tires. The Mt. Carmel Police chief says the damage could total several thousand dollars. The neighbor, who has lived here almost all her life, tells 14 NEWS what was a safe place to call home, has slowly changed to a place to keep your guard up.

I've been here almost 40 years and when i first moved into this house, it was very quiet. The level of violent or alarming, or the requiring of calling of police and sometimes ambulances, right in this two block area."

But the neighbor we spoke to also says, she doesn't think this was random.

"I think that they maybe have done a few things that causes violence or more disruption to come into their own lives. We make our own choices and when you make choices that aren't accepted by the general society, sometimes that comes back to bite you."

Wabash County Crime Stoppers is offering a $200 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspects.

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