Tri-state couple's journey to start a family takes interesting turn with social media

Tri-state couple's journey to start family takes interesting turn through social media

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - One Tri-state couple recently learned an undetected disease meant having a family would be next to impossible.  
They tried different treatments and nothing worked.  
But now their dreams may come true, thanks to a facebook message, a sorority sister, and a little luck.

Jackie and Zach Smith live in Owensboro and they've been married since 2014.

After deciding to start a family, Jackie and Zach soon got devastating news.

Doctors told Jackie she had Premature Ovarian Failure, and there was less than a 5% chance of the couple getting pregnant naturally.

The couple started going to Boston IVF, to explore all options.  The best option seemed to be using IVF with an egg donor.

But picking out an egg donor was like diving into a dating website.

One night Jackie was on Facebook, and came across the profile of a sorority sister from college.

She had always admired her, and the two women had similar physical features.

Jackie sent the sorority sister a Facebook message and her reply was shocking.

" Her response was I am on egg donor sites.  And I was just shocked," explained Jackie.

She's choosing to remain anonymous to 14NEWS, but the sorority sister has started the process of donating an egg for the young couple to have a family.

"The fact that she can still carry and I can pass on my genes is pretty cool," explains Zach.

Jackie and Zach choosing to share their story with 14NEWS to help other couples going through similar situations.

Many times infertility problems are not talked about, the couples suffer in silence.

Jackie says many of the insurance companies don't cover IVF treatments, and that needs to change.

" This isn't something I did, this isn't something I can change.  It's something I was born with, and the fact that insurance companies don't cover it is shocking."

It could cost the couple over $25,000 to complete this IVF egg donor process, and they haven't ruled out adoption if it doesn't work.

Now they are just taking it one day at a time.

" I always said that I want Zach to pass on his good looks, and I want to pass on my personality.  I'm so thrilled we can still do all that!"

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