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A Familiar Face Returns to Town, in New Evansville SPHL Head Coach, Jeff Pyle


Evansville's new S-P-H-L hockey franchise continues to make news, ahead of its inaugural season.  Team owner Mike Hall has announced that former Evansville Icemen head coach, Jeff Pyle, will be the new head coach *and* general manager, for the city's new, yet-to-be-named, S-P-H-L hockey team. Pyle was the Icemen' head coach for the 2013-14 season, and ranks third all-time in wins, in the E-C-H-L coaching ranks, with 477.  He also actually has the best coaching record for the Icemen, with a 31-30-and-11 mark.  He's also coached in the A-H-L as well as in Europe.
Coach Pyle told us, "It's a great market, and I've always said that and we're gonna do our best to get into the community and represent the fans, the sponsors.  mike gave me the opportunity to come back, and I told him I loved the area, it's a great hockey city, and hopefully we can do a good job of gettin it done.  I told Mike I've been doing this long enough I don't have to make decisions, but I'd like my input heard. I have enough experience where I would like to help out on the business side, so we can try to make this long-term, ya know, that's to me, the biggest goal is just putting all the emphasis on the fans, the sponsors, ya know and just doing it right."  Evansville's new S-P-H-L team begins play in October, and as far as the new team's name is concerned, owner Mike Hall tells us the name *will not* be released until *after* the Icemen's season is over.

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