UE adding programs to help with teacher shortage in Indiana

UE adding programs to help with teacher shortage in Indiana

"There are plenty of people ready to enter the field, we just have to get the number of people ready to enter that field up."

University of Evansville's chair of the School of Education, Paul Parkison, says they're being proactive before a teacher shortage hits crisis mode.

"In 2010-2011, EVSC would see 50-60 applicants for every elementary job, now it's down to five."

Parkison says the pipeline to teaching education is clogged up with people who want to be teachers.

But the programs simply cost too much, and even Parkison admits that teaching isn't a high-paying job.

"We wanted to develop an affordable pathway for them to complete a 4-year degree."

That's why UE faculty are putting into action a new program called Teaching ACES.

The programs are designed to get more qualified teachers, into Indiana classrooms.

"We want to make it so a teacher can come through our program, and not leave overly burdened with student loans.  They can go do the work they are passionate about and motivated to do.  Then, they can go home and afford to purchase a nice meal, buy a home, and start their lives."

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