14NEWS Investigates: License suspended for Evansville masseuse charged with rape

14 NEWS Investigates: License suspended for Evansville masseuse charged with rape
Edward Meiggs heading into court for a hearing in 2015.
Edward Meiggs heading into court for a hearing in 2015.
Edward Meiggs mugshot - Vanderburgh Co. Jail
Edward Meiggs mugshot - Vanderburgh Co. Jail

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - We've been asking questions for months, after a 14 NEWS investigation poked holes in the reported education level of an Evansville massage therapist, charged with three counts of rape.

Tonight, we have brand new developments.

Paperwork from the January meeting of the Indiana State Nursing Board confirms the license for Edward Meiggs has been suspended for 90 days.

--"The board finds that an emergency exists and Mr. Meiggs represents a clear

and immediate danger to the public health and safety, if allowed to practice in the state of Indiana."--

That paperwork was filed on February 16th.

Since June of 2015, more and more papers have arrived on the desk of our reporter Jess Raatz.

Raatz has been investigating the background of Meiggs for nine months.

Internet searches and arrest affidavits show Meiggs is the owner of Evansville Metaphysics or ART Health at Covert and Green River.

Our crews went there today, and the name plate for Edward Meiggs had been taken off the door.

14 NEWS reported in August of 2015 that we couldn't find any trace of the college Meiggs reportedly attended to earn his doctorate degree.

Meiggs claimed in several on-line sources that he attended the Institute of Vitalism, out of Des Moines, Iowa.

We found the address actually matched up with a UPS store in Iowa, not an educational institution.

Meiggs has refused to answer our questions during his first three court appearances.

With a quick scan of the "Institute of Vitalism" website URL, we found some more information.

The registrant contact, administrative contact, and technical contact of the website for the "Institute of Vitalism" came back with interesting results.

Those contacts were all registered to Edward Meiggs from Evansville, Indiana.

14 NEWS Reporter Jess Raatz asked Meiggs about that strange coincidence, and he refused to answer.

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, we found Mr. Meiggs did have an active LPN (licensed practice nurse) license for Indiana.

But since our investigation, that license is now listed under emergency suspension status.

Meiggs' license is suspended for 90 days, according to the Indiana Nursing Board website.

His trial for three counts of rape starts on May 16th, and our crews will be there.

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