EVSC student left at wrong bus stop

EVSC student dropped of at wrong bus stop

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Caralene Stoneberger's daughter is a second grade student at Cedar Hall in Evansville.

Her bus stop is at 916 Park Street.

But on Tuesday, her daughter was accidentally dropped off at the wrong bus stop.

She was dropped off at 1315 West Eichel, about a half mile away.

EVSC officials say a clerical mistake, meant another address was accidentally written down for Caralene's daughter.

Caralene's daughter ended up walking back with the grandmother of a fellow student on the bus.

EVSC officials say now protocols are in place to make sure this mistake doesn't happen again.

Now two people will compare addresses for students in after-school programs, before the address list is handed over to the bus driver.

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