We Invite You to 2006’s “Facing Tomorrow” with Renewed Hope . . .

"Facing Tomorrow" presents a practical outline of the various stages of loss. How the death of someone we love affects us, and how we can cope with this loss, will be discussed by professional grief counselor, Phyllis McElwain. Phyllis holds a Masters Degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Mental Health, Family and Marriage. She is informative, helpful, and has achieved "great understanding" from her own life.

Everyone is welcome to attend our free Support Series. Provided by Alexander Funeral Homes & Cemeteries, this bereavement series is an extension of our concern for families beyond the funeral service. Each session is appropriate for bereaved friends and family, professional care givers, or anyone wanting to know how to help themselves, and others, deal with loss.

Meetings will be held at The Methodist Temple, 2109 Lincoln Avenue. The church is located on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Kelsey Street, just east of Weinbach Avenue. You will want to enter from Kelsey Street and use the elevator to our second floor classroom. Our room is handicapped accessible. We will be seated at tables for note taking; light refreshments will be served.

Meetings will be at 2:00 - 3:30 P.M. at the Methodist Temple. For more information about meeting times, or other information, please call Alexander East Chapel, 812-476-1351.

Mark your calendars for any or all of the meeting dates listed. Each meeting will cover different information. We invite you to attend each workshop.

Special Note: Our December Remembrance Program location is Alexander Memorial Park, on Mesker Park Drive and Wimberg Avenue. We invite you to visit our website at www.dignitymemorial.com 

February 12, 2006 - "Understanding Grief" Once can never prepare for the emotional experience of grief. Understanding the difference between healthy grief and unhealthy grief is important. Coping skills are greatly improved when one understands the feelings and thoughts that come with the grieving experience.  Grief is the way humans react when they are hurt.  Learn about the grief you live with daily.

April 23, 2006 - "The Rough Road of Grief's Journey" The journey of grief is a "rough road" to travel. One's emotions are in constant upheaval. Mood swings are up-and-down hills to navigate daily. Just when you think you have a "handle" on life, the handle falls off! The "potholes" of despair seem endless. Learn how to cope with these times in your journey of grief

June 4, 2006 - "Restructuring Life After Loss" How do you go on with life, when you may not feel like it? How do you fill the huge gap left by the loss of a loved one? How do you begin again without them? Learn how to find purpose again in a grief filled life.

November 5, 2006 - "Special Days; Special Pain" All those special rituals and celebrations which brought so much joy to life, now bring pain when a loved one is lost. Learn how to cope with holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and all the family milestones that renew grief and emphasize loss in your life.

December 3, 2006 - "Holiday Remembrance" We invite you and your family to our annual program honoring loved ones who are not with us this holiday season. Tie a memorial ribbon on our tree, enjoy seasonal music and light a remembrance candle.  The program will last about an hour. 
Alexander Memorial Park Cemetary
Heritage Chapel - Mesker Park Drive at Wimberg Ave.
December 3, 2006 - 2:00 P.M.