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Taking a Stand: Heritage Federal helping with layoffs


Many of you may have already heard of the recent announcement by Alcoa that they will be permanently closing their Warrick Operations smelter in Newburgh, impacting approximately 600 employees.

A traumatic event like this impacts our entire community, and local businesses and community leaders should do their best to reach out and offer assistance to those affected.

Local financial institutions, like HFCU, may be able to offer free financial counseling, delayed or reduced monthly payments on car and mortgage loans, penalty-free early withdrawals on CDs or Share Certificates, or offer emergency loans to those who qualify.

Local utilities companies may be able to offer emergency payment assistance programs for their customers who have experienced a sudden loss of income and have trouble paying their energy, telephone, or water bills. 

If you've been affected by a sudden loss of income and need some assistance and guidance, please go to www.hfcu.info where we have compiled a list of helpful resources, links, and telephone numbers of organizations that are ready to assist you during this traumatic time of your life.

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