More and more teens experiencing neck pain from "Text Neck"

More and more teens experiencing neck pain from "Text Neck"

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Neck pain is becoming a new thing for teens and one chiropractor says it's because of texting.

Dr. Chris Gilkey is a chiropractor in Newburgh.

He says more and more teens are complaining of neck pain and he blames it on poor posture while texting.

Dr. Gilkey calls the posture "Text Neck".

18-year-old Austin Goodwin is a senior at Castle high school, and he went to Dr. Gilkey after complaining of neck pain.

"Seven out of ten people that come into the office, have computer neck or text neck," explains Dr. Gilkey.

Austin Goodwin showed us when he experiences the pain," Just right when I pull my phone out, I'll be typing a message and my neck is down at this angle to view my phone."

Dr. Gilkey says people get used to the bent over posture and looking at their phones for long periods of time.

But most don't notice the poor posture until an unrelated neck or back injury.

Dr. Gilkey told Austin his head actually puts down 40 more pounds of pressure because of his poor posture.

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