What Do I Need To Obtain a Quote?

Auto Insurance:
Name, birthdates, social security numbers, marital status and tickets and accidents on each driver. Year, make, model and possibly vehicle identification number (VIN). If you don't have the VIN, convey as much information as possible about the auto. How are the vehicles used? What coverages do you want on each auto? Your address. Your prior insurance company name, due date and the length of time your insurance has been in effect.

Home Insurance:
Amount of coverage on your home, any extra coverages you want. Age, construction type and location of your home. Any major updates done to your home, such as roof, heating/cooling, wiring or plumbing. Discuss any claims. Distance to the closest fire department and fire hydrant. Any liability hazards, such as swimming pools, trampolines or animals.

Business Insurance:
In most cases, it is best to provide a copy of your current policy coverages and loss runs to be sure that you are obtaining a comparable quote. Gross sales and payroll figures are needed to figure accurate quotes.

Life Insurance:
Age, sex, health problems, height, weight and tobacco use.