Claims Information

In the event of an auto accident, trade names, phone numbers and insurance company/agent's names. Knowing the insurance agent's name, many times makes it easier to find out where to turn your claim in. Call the police and obtain a copy of the accident report. When you are contacted by an adjustor, write down their name, phone number and claim number. If you turn the damages in under your own insurance, your deductible will apply.

In the event of a property claim, it is your responsibility to prevent further damage. Such as if your roof is damaged during a storm, you need to cover the leak to prevent any further damage.

Turning in a claim – you will need to relay what happened, who was involved, when and where did it happen, were the police or fire department called, if the police were called, which department, city, county or state?

Should I turn in a claim? You should discuss with your agent what surcharges may apply to your policy after a claim. Many times it is the number of claims that will cause your policy to be non-renewed, not just the dollar amount of damages.