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Evansville community leaders tour TX crisis care center


A group of community leaders returned to Evansville Friday night after spending three days in San Antonio, Texas.

Representatives from CAJE, EPD, USI, ECHO and Deaconess toured the crisis care center there. 

People with mental illnesses who commit non-violent crimes can go to the center for help, instead of a hospital or jail.

After seeing the Texas facility, CAJE reps tell us they're confident we could establish a similar one in Evansville. To do that, they're hoping to train more police officers for crisis intervention.

“It is very doable in our Evansville area, so we're very excited about that, and it could have the potential of helping many, many people each month,” said Diane Fehrenbacher, CAJE.

CAJE leaders will talk about what they learned on the trip at a summit coming up March 4.

They plan to highlight funding options and reveal why they think we can have a similar center in Evansville.

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