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Hoverboard accident sends Tri-state girl to hospital, family warning other parents

Source: WABC/CNN Source: WABC/CNN

A Tri-state mom tells 14 NEWS her head was spinning, watching a helicopter whisk her daughter away following a hover board accident last week.

11-year-old Mady Bruner's feelings towards her hoverboard have drastically changed in less than a week.

She tells us she was riding the device down a hallway, when it started to swerve, she lost her balance, and fell off.

Mady says she landed on her elbow, and then hit her head on the concrete floor.

Mady says even after she flew off, the hoverboard continued to spin erratically out of control.

That crash landed her in the emergency room at Baptist Health hospital in Madisonville.

Doctors made the decision that Mady needed to be flown to St. Mary's in Evansville for further testing.

Mady walked away with a cervical sprain of her neck, but nothing fractured or broken.

Just last week, federal agents seized hundreds of counterfeit hoverboards in Chicago.

Mady and her mother sharing their story with 14 NEWS to warn other parents about hover boards, click above to watch their story.

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