Evansville woman thanks firefighters after apartment complex fire

Evansville woman thanks first responders after apartment complex fire

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Katelyn Minks was shocked to find her smoke billowing from her apartment complex on Arla Jane Drive, late Tuesday afternoon.

When the scene was safe and Katelyn looked inside her charred apartment, she saw that firefighters saved her personal items.

Pushing them away from the fire, even placing tarps on the items them to lessen the damage.

" I was just shocked.  I know they have to move some of the stuff to make it accessible to put out the fire, but to tarp it, I never expected that whatsoever."

" A couple minutes later, the chief came in," explains Katelyn.

"He said he saw my hockey stuff, and that his crews loves hockey, and had to save it."

Katelyn was so moved by the hard work of the first responders, she sent them letters just thanking everyone involved.

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