Anxiety: Solutions to make patients comfortable

Does anesthesia make you antsy? Does the chair make you cringe? If so you are not alone, fear of the dentist is common. More than 20 million Americans avoid going to the Dentist because of fear according to the National Institutes of Health.
There are a number of ways that patients can work with their dentist to feel at ease about their visit.
Start by eating foods high in protein and avoiding caffeine. Foods high in protein produce a calming effect, unlike sugary foods. Also Sedation is safe when administered by dentists who are trained in its use. The best defense angainst anxiety is knowledge, which usually eases the patients anxiety.
A few tips:
Ask questions. Your dentist office has a trained staff with it comes to caring for the patient. They can tell you what to expect and ensure your confidence in procedures.
Relax. Focus on breathing regularly and slowly.
Eat high protein foods, and avoid caffeine and surgar befor your visit.